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Transfer and Tarif

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At the Resort...

Kokon is an ecolodge, built and operated in harmony with nature.

We are open from Thursday to Monday from 8am.

Please see details on the left.

This entrance fee includes the transfer from Marshall and back by boat and electric golf kart. You will have access to the entire facility: 2 swimming pools, beach, lagoon, forest, and our many free activities. Please visit our activities page for more information.

Our restaurants and bar will offer you a variety of dishes, all specially prepared for you with local products, local fish, and also our signature cocktails.

You can choose to stay for the night in one of our standard ecofriendly lodges, or one of our eco suites. You will be staying in unique lodges made with local natural materials, close to nature, a unique ecofriendly experience, 

Don't forget to visit our wildlife sanctuary in Kpan's Town, next to Libassa Ecolodge to help us protect Liberia's wildlife (US$10.00/person, free for children under 10 years of age)

Massage and Spa...

Coming Soon


Book your event…


Plan a unique and unforgettable destination wedding at Kokon.

Staff Retreats

Bring your staff to Kokon, we help you plan your retreat.



A special place for a special birthday at Kokon.


Away from the stress of the city, your workshops take another dimension.

We care for the environment.



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* Power: Electricity in the lodges is limited to 200 watts per room. In order to efficiently utilize energy, only essential electrical appliances are used, and are certified to use very low amounts of energy. All bulbs used are LED Bulbs. Appliances such as the refrigerators in the kitchen are Energy Star (US rating) or A/A+ (EU rating) certified.


* Solar power: Our electricity  is provided 100% through solar power.

* Solar heating: To heat water, an extensive solar heating system is in place that provides all necessary hot water for guests, with an electric back up in case of bad weather..


* Limited water consumption: The resort is supplied water from 2 local wells. Kitchen water use is strictly controlled, while aerators limit water flow from faucets and showers.


* Composting: To minimize waste and utilize resources, the lodge has composting facilities where all food excess and waste is transformed into fertilizer.


* Recycling waste: Although only minimal amounts of paper and plastic are used on site, most waste is recycled and recycling bins are placed in convenient locations around the lodge for guests to take part in this important initiative


* Planting: We have planted and continue to plant more trees than what we used to build our lodges.


* Animal Sanctuary: Our lodge is the last area in the zone to be covered in wild forest and vegetation, making it a sanctuary for wild monkeys, small dears, etc… We have also opened a wildlife sanctuary next to the Libassa Ecolodge in Kpan's Town. Visit us and help protect Liberia's wildlife.

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